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M.Sc. Geomatik, Spezialization Hydrography (english spoken)

Type of Entry: Academic Course
Professional Training Course
Date: 01. Oktober 2010
Frequency: permanent
Website: http://www.geomatik-hamburg.de/interesse/hydrography/
Place: HafenCity University Hamburg, GERMANY

2 years M.Sc. course

english spoken

Hydrography deals with the surveying and visualization of the topography and features under water.

contact: Prof. Dr. Volker Boeder

Email: volker.boeder@hcu-hamburg.de

Contact: Prof. Dr. Volker Böder
E-Mail: volker.boeder@hcu-hamburg.de
Telephone: +49 40 428 27 5393
Fax: +49 40 428 27 5399
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