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Msc in Marine Environmental & Ocean Management

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This specialization has been designed for students whose careers lie in the field of marine environmental and natural resource management of coasts and oceans. Students learn to appreciate the complexity of underlying ecological factors in coastal and ocean environments, and gain a sure grasp of global ocean challenges, operational strategies, as well as the management tools and instruments applied in integrated coastal and ocean management. 


WMU offers 'Marine Environmental & Ocean Management' as one out of six specialisations of a the well taught postgraduate programme in Maritime Affairs, leading to the award of the degree of Master of Science or a Postgraduate Diploma.

All our programmes of study have been carefully designed to be responsive to the real needs of the maritime industry. An expert balance of academic study and practical experience, they provide a unique insight into the whole range of maritime endeavour. WMU emphasises the practical application of knowledge, and so is far from being an academic ivory tower.
Each year, our students benefit from the input of around 100 visiting professors, internationally renowned experts in their fields. They bring state-of-the-art professional experience into the classroom, opening an important window to the modern maritime world.
Students following the MSc program also benefit from field training all over Europe, Latin-America and Asia, gaining valuable insights into professional practices in the different host countries. With the co-operation of an enormous range of institutions, the students can experience for themselves the application of the latest theories and technologies in real-life situations.
The standard MSc program lasts for 14 months, from September until the  November of the following year.  It is an intensive program, providing 90 ECTS and also offering around 3 weeks of field training in destinations worldwide.  Students who already hold a postgraduate qualification can apply to be exempted form the first, foundation semester; these students complete the program in 11 months, from January to December of the same year.
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