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ECOLMAS European Graduate College in Marine Science

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Webseite: http://www.rcom.marum.de/ECOLMAS.html
ECOLMAS the joint graduate school for marine sciences of the following organizations:

EUROPROX European Graduate College Proxies in Earth History
GLOMAR International Graduate School Global Change in the Marine
NEBROC Netherlands Bremen Oceanography Cooperation
NSG Netherlands Research School for Sedimentary Geology
RCOM Research Center Ocean Margins, University of Bremen

A joint curriculum related to marine sciences is offered to graduate students and scientists from the participating organizations and from other institutions associated with marine research and education.


Seminars for the PhD candidates
to present current research results in marine studies from their individual projects.

Introductory Course in Marine Sciences (each year, 2 weeks)
This proven course covers basic aspects of physical and chemical Oceanography, pelagic and benthic biology, marine geosciences as well as socioeconomic aspects of marine research.

Advanced Courses (3 to 5 days each)
Special training courses related to the scientific themes of the associated research projects.

These events will be offered within the institutions or with the help of guest scientists. The courses are also open for PhD students and scienctists from other institutions associated with marine research and education.


Kontakt: Torsten Bickert
E-Mail: ecolmas@uni-bremen.de
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