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Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management

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Beschreibung: Why study Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management?
The coast and the coastal seas offer unique resources to mankind and to mother earth and the majority of the world population lives, works and recreates in coastal areas. But even in wealthy countries, the coastal zones are vulnerable. Several natural hazards have recently illustrated this: the Indian Ocean earthquake and associated tsunami hazards (2004), the frequent hurricane events in the Caribbean and North America, including Hurricane Katrina (2005) and the less reported typhoon hazards of the Asia-Pacific region (e.g. the typhoon events in Vietnam, 2005 and China, 2006). UNESCO has projected that low-lying coastal and deltaic regions will experience an increase in population density of 50% by 2050, indicating the important challenges that we face in terms of promoting development without more disasters. This is especially important given that coastal areas will experience significant climate change and sea level rise. All CoMEM partners are involved in the range of measures required to evaluate these diverse coastal hazards and the possible mitigation measures. The CoMEM programme is designed to educate a new generation of professionals. Professionals who are able to tackle these diverse challenges and, in doing so, will reduce the vulnerability of our marine and coastal systems and promote sustainable development of these areas.

Involved universities
The existing MSc programmes that are taught at the five universities form the basis of this two-year master course. The diversity, as well as the complimentary nature of these existing programmes will ensure that students can specialise themselves in different subjects related to the field of Coastal and Marine Engineering and Management. None of the individual universities alone can offer the subject paths this joint master offers, which is what makes the CoMEM Master a unique one. It also includes an integral educational component founded on enhanced ethical development and multifaceted social capabilities.

Degree awarded
Upon successful completion of the Erasmus Mundus CoMEM Master’s programme, you will receive a Master’s degree from each of the three universities you visited during the course. The consortium of the five universities will also provide you with a supplement describing the collaborative nature of the programme. This supplement comprises a standardised description of nature, level, context, content and status of the studies that you pursued and successfully completed.
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