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McFadden, L. : Exploring systems interactions for building resilience within coastal environments and communities. Environmental Hazards: 1-18, 2010.

Zusammenfassung: This paper focuses on identifying examples of first-order systems interactions which make important contributions to building coastal resiliency for coastal zone management.  This discussion is based on an application of the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework (IADF) to a case-study analysis of coastal management in South Australia.  The study suggests that cross-scale interactions and informal relationships within and between users and managers are key interactions defining resilience outcomes within the current system.  A significant constraint on improving resilience was the lack of evaluative criteria for identifying sustainable forms of system behaviour.  The paper argues that resilience is a function of a normative statement on the characteristics desirable in the functioning system.  Analyses of coastal resilience which facilitate greater understanding of the range of complexities in coastal behaviour are therefore central to gaining the most useful insights into the options and pathways for building more sustainable coastal futures. 
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