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McFadden, L., Tapsell, S. and Penning-Rowsell, E.: Strategic coastal flood risk management in practice: actorsâ perspectives on the integration in flood risk management process in London and the Thames Estuary. Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management., 174(4): 636-645, 2009.


This paper examines constraints and enabling factors towards ‘integration’ as they are perceived by actors involved in an ongoing strategy development process. The paper examines stakeholder perspectives on current progress in coastal flood risk management in London and the Thames Estuary. The case-study suggests that important steps have been taken towards an integrated and adaptive strategy development process, particularly through the development of informal stakeholder networks. However, constraints in enabling learning within the strategy development process mean that practical pathways of integration in such a large, global-scale city remain challenging to identify and perhaps even more so to implement.

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