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Racheva, E., Moncheva,S., Kamburska, L., Hopkins, T.: MODELING THE ECOLOGICAL STATUS OF VARNA BAY- APPLICATION OF SYSTEMS APPROACH FRAMEWORK. (Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Marine Sciences and Technologies BLACK SEA'2010-ISSN 1314-0957)

Zusammenfassung: The broad objective of the methodology applied in Varna bay experimental site is to identify the interactive linkages between the ecological, economical and social components of the system. The present paper aims at presenting how the ecological model (EXTEND software) of Varna bay captures the key features of the real system's response to the expanding tourism industry. Scenarios are employed to demonstrate the extent to which natural factors (rain/storm events) and the resorts’ pressure influence the ecosystem health and stability. Given the increased frequency of heavy rain/storm events, complimentary to the up-grade of WWTP, improvement of SS could be a critical management option.
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