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Maack, S., Günther, W.. The Baltic Green Belt Project - initial situation, application and set-up. In: Sterr, H., Maack, S., Schultz, M. (eds.). Development Concept for the Territory of the Baltic Green Belt - A Synthesis Report of the INTERREG IVB Project Baltic Green Belt. Coastline Reports (20), pp. 1-11. EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2012.

Zusammenfassung: This article serves as an introduction to the synthesis report of the Baltic Green Belt project presented in this volume. The article explains the initial situation, namely the choice of the project area and the situation in the project area. It gives a brief introduction to the political background in chapter 2. Chapter 3 outlines the history of the project - mainly technical aspects – as project development in itself can be improved though exchange of experience. The partner consortium is presented in chapter 4, and the goals and approach are listed in chapter 5. Chapter 6 gives an introduction to each of the project themes with references to the respective articles in this volume.
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