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Frobel,K., Spangenberg, A., Kreutz, M., Geidezis, L., Schneider-Jacoby, M., Schwaderer, G.. The European Green Belt initiative. In: Sterr, H., Maack, S., Schultz, M. (eds.). Development Concept for the Territory of the Baltic Green Belt - A Synthesis Report of the INTERREG IVB Project Baltic Green Belt. Coastline Reports (20), pp. 13-23. EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2012.

Zusammenfassung: In the remoteness of the Iron Curtain a “Green Belt” of valuable pristine landscapes developed through Europe from the Barents to the Black Sea. Today the Green Belt Europe connects a large number of valuable areas in the sense of European nature conservation; it is a cross section of all European biogeographical regions and could be developed as part of a European Green Infrastructure and backbone of a Pan-European ecological network. Furthermore the Green Belt is an outstanding memorial landscape of European relevancy with a great potential for trans-boundary cooperation, sustainable regional development, the support of understanding among nations and the merging of Europe. The initiative Green Belt is a geopolitical challenge and change; it connects 24 European countries and stakeholders from the local to the international level from governmental and non-governmental organizations.
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