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Sterzel, A., Maack, S.. Transferring experience in Green Belt Tourism to the Baltic . In: Sterr, H., Maack, S., Schultz, M. (eds.). Development Concept for the Territory of the Baltic Green Belt - A Synthesis Report of the INTERREG IVB Project Baltic Green Belt. Coastline Reports (20), pp. 55-62. EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2012.

Zusammenfassung: Tourism has been called one of the major chances for sustainable development of regions at the  European Green Belt. However, stakeholders along the European Green Belt have different ideas of what Green Belt tourism should or should not be. In order to assure for positive effects of tourism development on the Green Belt, it is necessary to specify the concepts underlying Green Belt tourism development. This article attempts to specify two basic aspects of Green Belt tourism: the effects (positive effects aimed for and negative effects to be avoided) and the target groups of Green Belt tourism. Two existing pilot studies (AGORA, Exp GB) were examined for information concerning these aspects. The extracted information was examined with respect to suitability for application in a coastal pilot region in Estonia, and if necessary adapted to the situation. The results consist of a generalised outline for GB tourism target groups as well as a list of desired and undesired effects of GB tourism. Both of these can be used for planning of further tourism projects at the European GB.
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