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Fenske, C., Westphal, H., Bachor, A., Breitenbach, E., Buchholz, W., Jülich, W.-D., Hensel, P.: The consequences of the Odra flood (summer 1997) for the Odra lagoon and the beaches of Usedom: What can be expected under extreme conditions?. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 203: 417-433, 2001.


The exceptional flood of the river Odra in July/August 1997 caused severe damage, especially on the Polish side of the Odra valley. An additional 5 km3 of water were discharged during the flood. This represents about a third of the normal annual Odra discharge of 17 km3. Large agricultural and industrial areas were submerged, as well as towns and villages. However, as regards the Odra lagoon and the beaches of the Isle of Usedom, the substances transported, such as nutrients and pollutants, did not cause much damage, due to strong dilution. Hygienic investigations (human pathogenic bacteria and viruses) showed that the water had bathing quality during the whole flood.

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