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JanÃen, H.. Climate Change in the Oder/Odra Estuary Region. In: Schernewski, G., Glaeser, B., Scheibe, R., Sekścińska, A., Thamm, R. (eds.). Coastal Development: The Oder estuary and beyond. Coastline Reports (8), pp. 1-10. EUCC - The Coastal Union , Leiden, 2007.


Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) often is implemented on a regional level where Climate Change and its global impacts are usually well known aspects while its impacts for the specific region are not clearly defined. This article briefly describes regional impacts considering the Oder estuary region as an example. Depicted is that on a regional level Climate Change impacts can have several deviations from common anticipated impacts. While neighbouring regions might be affected from drought due to Climate Change the Oder estuary region for instance is able to compensate dryness with a high ground water level. Furthermore changes in precipitation distribution effect on nutrient loads of the River Oder which are reduced during summer. In lagoon and coastal waters however the expected effect of a rising water quality can be counteracted by internal eutrophication (sudden and intensive phosphorus release from sediment under anoxic conditions). In addition changes in the regulatory chain of river, lagoon and bay may have severe impacts on primary production and especially on the incidence of toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria). This development might get in conflict with one of the main economic sectors: tourism.

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