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Michaelsen, L.. The Development of the Relationship between Coastal Fisheries and Marine Conservation in the Oder Estuary Region. In: Schernewski , G., Glaeser, B., Scheibe, R., Sekścińska, A., Thamm, R. (eds.). Coastal Development: The Oder estuary and beyond. Coastline Reports (8), pp. 31-39. EUCC - The Coastal Union, Leiden, 2007.


In this article the conflicts and common interests of the coastal fishing industry and marine conservation in the Oder estuary region are analysed. The background is the author's diploma thesis about this topic in the year 2005 and a small, recently conducted survey. The 2005 survey showed that there exist many points of contact between the areas of fishery and marine conservation and that a relative high conflict potential is present between the two groups. It was shown that on the one hand there is the common goal of a sustainable fishery, on which both sides are slowly beginning to work together. On the other hand there are serious conflicts, about the ecological impact of the fishing industry, the assessment of marine mammals and birds as bycatch and as predators of the fish stocks, and the management of Natura 2000 sites. A great part in the conflict is also played by issues on the relational level, including mistrust and prejudices against the other side. As the recent survey pointed out the fisheries sector and the marine conservation sector collaborate in more working areas than in 2005. As a general approach to the conflict, a possible working programme was presented. It recommends the use of common interests as a basis for cooperation, before addressing the more serious conflicts. This was considered to be the best approach, as it allows both sides to become better accustomed to each other and thereby concentrate on problems on the material level.

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