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Pflüger, B.. Veränderungen der Eisverhältnisse an der Südspitze Grönlands von 1777 bis 2002. In: Gönnert, G., Pflüger, B., Bremer, J.-A. (eds.). Von der Geoarchäologie über die Küstendynamik zum Küstenzonenmanagement. Coastline Reports (9), pp. 149-162. EUCC - The Coastal Union, Leiden, 2007.


A long time series of ice charts of the south cape of Greenland is made from historical shipjournals, archived and published charts as a work of several years. It starts in 1777 and ends in 2002. The Cape Farvel ice index (KFI) is determinated from the ice condition in June and July. It delivers an overview of the ice condition during the past. A running mean shows the trends. Comparing with other time series of the arctic, clear similarities can be seen, so it is justified to state a clear decrease of ice in the northern hemisphere. Most of the decrease is settled in the first three decades. There is a clear maximum of ice at the turns of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the period between glaciation is weaker. There is another decrease of sea-ice in the second half of the 20th century which is stronger than the decrease of the 19th century.

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