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Kraft, D., Ahlhorn, F.. Jade-Weser-Region heute und in 2050: Skizzen zu möglichen Zukünften. In: Gönnert, G., Pflüger, B., Bremer, J.-A. (eds.). Von der Geoarchäologie über die Küstendynamik zum Küstenzonenmanagement. Coastline Reports (9), pp. 169-183. EUCC - The Coastal Union, Leiden, 2007.


The publication of the current results of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) intensifies the discussion on the possible impacts of climate change, on sufficient mitigation measures and on adequate adaptation strategies. Existing (use) conflicts in the coastal zones can develop even worse under climatic change. The aim is to create new approaches and to identify adaptation strategies concerning existing as well as possibly occurring future problems is a challenge: We have to create flexible and new development options which are able to reduce the conflicts – tomorrow and in the future. This article describes the current state of existing characteristics of different user perspectives and their natural boundary conditions. Furthermore, the existing conflicts between certain user perspectives will briefly be described. Intended projects are combined with the scenarios provided by the IPCC to possible development options for the Jade-Weser region in the northwestern part of Lower Saxony. Finally, these development options will be discussed regarding their capability as resolution for the year 2050.

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