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Edler, J.. Deutschland und IKZM - Tatsächliche und rechtliche Gegebenheiten für ein deutsches IKZM. In: Glaeser, B., Sekscinska, A., Löser, N. (eds.). Integrated Coastal Zone Management at the Szczecin Lagoon: Exchange of experiences in the region. Coastline Reports (6), pp. 35-41. EUCC - The Coastal Union, Leiden, 2005.


Germany and ICZM – Reality and Law for German ICZM. Today we have rising socioeconomic and environmental problems in the German coastal areas because of increasing development in all fields of life. The idea for solving these problems is integrated coastal zone management. ICZM is a process which incorporates and combines programs and plans for economic and environmental development and, at the same time, takes into account people’s interests. This paper examines some of the uses of the German coastal zone and considers the conflicts related such use. A coastal zone does not merely consist of water and related special uses for a privileged elite in unique parts of the coastal area. Not every form of use can be found in every part of a coastal zone. Some conflicts are real, but some are only hypothesized. It is the task of the legal system to determine what kinds of use will prevail. German law, especially environmental law, is multimedial and not overlapping: there is unique legislation to govern each particular environmental area such as water, energy, spatial planning, and so on. Although German spatial planning does not provide a solution to these problems at present, some modifications of this well-proven system could contribute significantly to conflict resolution. We need to improve our in managing systems, better integrate disciplines and interests, and give greater consideration to shareholders rights.

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