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Schernewski, G., Behrens, H., Bock, S., Dehne, P., Erbguth, W., Glaeser, B., Janssen, G., Kazakos, W., Neumann, T., Permien, T., Schuldt, B., Sordyl, H., Steingrube, W., Vetter, L., Wirtz, K.. Integriertes Küstenzonenmanagement in der Odermündungsregion (IKZM Oder). In: Schernewski, G., Dolch, T. (eds.). Geographie der Meere und Küsten. Coastline Reports (1), pp. 183-193. 2004.


The project ‘Research for an Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Oder Estuary Region’ has been initiated as a consequence of the EC Recommendations on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). It is one of the two large national German projects on ICZM, funded by the National Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The aims and tasks within the project are a result of the specific situation and demands of the region. At the same time the project tackles the aspects “Strategic Approach”, “Principles”, “National Status Quo” and “National Strategies” as recommended by the EC (EC 413/2002). The special challenge lies in carrying out science with high quality standards and, at the same time, to establish and support a regional initiative on ICZM. Major element for public participation and the involvement of authorities is the Regional Agenda 21 ‘Oder Lagoon’. The creation of sustainable perspectives and structures, exceeding the duration of the project, is the overall aim of all activities.

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