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Klein, J., Staudt, M., Schmidt-Thomé, P.. Sea Level Change and Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea Region: findings of the SEAREG project. In: Schernewski, G., Löser, N. (eds.). BaltCoast 2004 - Managing the Baltic Sea. Coastline Reports (2), pp. 201-204. 2004.


The SEAREG project (Sea Level Change Affecting the Spatial Development of the Baltic Sea Region) is financed by Baltic Sea Region Interreg III B programme and is focusing on socioeconomic and environmental assessment of the effects of climate change on the sea level in the Baltic Sea region (BSR). A rise of the sea level can lead to major flooding events, having severe impacts on the spatial development of cities and regions as well as sustainable development of the entire BSR. The project has benefited from an intensive discussion with several local and regional authorities from the case study cities and regions of Helsinki, Stockholm, Gdansk, Pärnu and Greifswald. The main result of the project will be a Decision Support Frame (DSF) that addresses local and regional planning authorities in the case study areas and the BSR area. The DSF shows ways how spatial planning can take the impacts of modelled future environmental changes into account. The DSF consists of modelling and GIS applications, impact and vulnerability assessments, a knowledge base and a discussion platform. The cooperation and learning processes around the DSF shall help involved parties in understanding each others' points of views and motivations for taking action. The appropriate dissemination of the results shall consequently lead to adequate implementations of appropriate actions, such as ICZM in the case of sea level rise.

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