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Siegel, H., Seifert, T., Gerth, M., Ohde, T., ReiÃmann, J., Schernewski, G.. Dynamical processes along the German Baltic Sea coast systematized to support coastal monitoring. In: Schernewski, G., Löser, N. (eds.). BaltCoast 2004 - Managing the Baltic Sea. Coastline Reports (2), pp. 219-226. 2004.


Satellite data of different spectral and spatial resolution were combined with model simulations and ship-borne measurements to investigate dynamical features and processes along the Baltic Sea coast of the German federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV). Systematization in relation to the local wind was performed to develop an interpretation instrument for the coastal monitoring (SIBIK) of local authorities (LUNG). Satellite data of sea surface temperature and ocean colour of the sensors NOAA-AVHRR, SeaWiFS und Landsat 7 ETM+ were applied. Model simulations were focused on the western Baltic with the coast of the state MV (3-D model) as well as on the Szczecin Lagoon (2-D model) at the border between MV and Poland. The results summarized in a catalogue support the interpretation and the assessment of acquired in situ data as well as optimization of the monitoring program. Regional particularities in the coastal dynamical features and processes are presented for the main wind directions and for changes between dominant wind situations. Consequences for coastal zones and its monitoring programme are discussed.

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