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ENCORA. A comprehensive summary with recommendations of the ENCORA Workshop on The Wadden Sea Environments bridging the gap between science, practice & policy. Klappholttal / Sylt, Germany, 2008 - Final Version, 16 January 2008.


The ENCORA Workshop on The Wadden Sea Environments was held in Klappholttal on Sylt, Germany from 29th-31st October 2007. The workshop aimed to bridge the gap between decision making, science & practice. The topics of the workshop were coastal protection and restoration measures against the background of climate change and the consequences for the Wadden Sea environment, with a focus on the planning perspective (20-30 years), while keeping in mind the expected long term development (100 years). This summary and the recommendations follow the four-wing approach developed by IMSA.

Summary also available in German.

PDF: Final_Sylt_16012008.pdf (74.790 Bytes)
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