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Morgan, R., Williams, A.T.: Video panorama assessment of beach landscape aesthetics on the coast of Wales. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 5: 13-22, 1999.


Abstract. 70 beaches in Wales, UK, were investigated with regard to the quality of beach scenery using video panoramas. Beaches were given a score from zero to 20 by a panel of 24 coastal managers (National Park and Heritage Coast Wardens, etc.) and 42 final year Degree or Master of Science students specializing in environmental sciences.Mean scores of coastal managers ranged from 16.1 (Broadhaven, S. Pembrokeshire; 80 %) to 3.8 (Prestatyn, North Wales; 19 %), while scores of students ranged from 16.0 (Barafundle, S. Pembrokeshire; 80%) to 6.1 (Trecco Bay, Porthcawl; 31%).Wave height, number of people present on the beach and position on the final videotape did not have significant effects on mean scores generated by either group.With both groups a strong preference was observed for undeveloped beaches over those where anthropogenic structures were prominent (p = 0.00), but beach commercialization level had an independent effect only on scores from the student group (p = 0.02).Cloud cover at time of filming had a significant effect (p = 0.00) on scoring, so a correction was applied for final score calculation and ranking.The findings contribute to management of coastal aesthetic resources by providing a quantitative evaluation scheme.It is proposed to use these scores for beach scenery/aesthetic quality in a novel, comprehensive beach rating system.

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