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van der Wal, D.: The development of a digital terrain model for the geomorphological engineering of the ârollingâ foredune of Terschelling, the Netherlands. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 2: 55-62, 1996.


Abstract. The foredunes form an important element of the line of defence which protects the low-lying parts of the Netherlands from the sea. The foredune of the eastern part of the Wadden island of Terschelling has been managed as a ‘rolling’ foredune to maximize the amount of sand available in times of emergency. Following a decision of the Dutch Government to maintain the coastline of 1990, this foredune will now be stabilized. A plan is made to reshape the morphology of the foredune according to a geomorphological design. A simulation model was developed to produce a Digital Terrain Model with the required geometrical information. The transformation which is on the macro-level scale can be achieved within the envisaged medium-scale planning period of five years only by applying earth-moving machinery, placing fences or planting sand-trapping vegetation.

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