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Service, M., Durrant, A.E., Mills, J.A., Taylor, J.E., Faughey, D.: The trophic status of two northern Irish Sea loughs. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 2: 159-168, 1996.


Abstract. Studies were conducted on nutrient cycling in two coastal embayments; Strangford Lough and Belfast Lough, in order to classify these coastal waters in compliance with the European Union Urban Waste Water Treatment and Nitrates Directives. Analysis of the data suggests that Strangford Lough is nitrogen-limited throughout much of the growing season with chlorophyll-a levels comparable to the open Irish Sea. In contrast, much of Belfast Lough is never nitrogen-limited and, with chlorophyll-a levels at times exceeding 50 μg/l, is exhibiting symptoms of eutrophication.

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