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Havard, M.S.C., Ballinger, R.C., Pettit, S.J., Smith, H.D.: Coastal zone management in Wales: The information gaps. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 2: 175-178, 1996.


Abstract. In 1994 the Countryside Council for Wales, the government nature conservation and countryside advisor in Wales, published a consultation document on marine and coastal policy, and also commissioned research into the status of coastal zone management (CZM) in the Principality. The research, undertaken by the University of Wales Cardiff, investigated CZM from an international, national (U.K.) and Welsh perspective, concentrating on detailed case studies of three areas (including both urban and rural coasts). Policy makers, managers, practitioners and users from all sectors were included in the study which established current activity, identified problems and reviewe future plans. Interviews and questionnaire returns highlighted vital information gaps at all levels. These ranged fom a lack of basic data (including scientific and technical), to a breakdown in communication both within and between organisations, as well as a policy vacuum in both regional and central government.

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