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Robson, C.F., Davidson, N.C., Barne, J.H., Doody, J.P.: Coastal Directories and beyond: providing multidisciplinary coastal zone resource information for resource management. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 2: 179-182, 1996.


Abstract. Baseline resource information in an easily accessible form is a vital starting point for developing coastal zone management. On behalf of a wide-ranging group of organizations involved in the management of the U.K. maritime zone, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) is compiling a series of 16 regional volumes. The volumes contain multidisciplinary coastal zone resource information arranged in ten chapters under the general title ‘Coasts and Seas of the UK’. These volumes form part of a series of paper and electronic publications of coastal information being produced by JNCC’s Coastal Directories Project and are designed to meet the needs of planners and all others involved in decision-making and management of the coast.

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