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Kitsiou, D., Karydis, M.: Development of categorical mapping for quantitative assessment of eutrophication. Journal of Costal Conservation, 4: 35-42, 1998.


Abstract. Spatial distribution of nutrient and phytoplankton variables is often illustrated using categorical mapping for each variable. However, the assessment of eutrophication cannot be derived from a single parameter since a synthesis of the environmental variables related to eutrophication is required. These shortcomings are further complicated since it is difficult to discriminate between distinct trophic states along natural environmental gradients. In the present work, a methodological procedure for quantitative assessment of eutrophication at a spatial scale was examined in the Gulf of Saronicos, Greece, based on a thematic map generated from the synthesis of four variables characterising eutrophication. The categorical map of each variable was developed using the Kriging interpolation method and four trophic levels were indicated (eutrophic, upper-mesotrophic, lower-mesotrophic and oligotrophic) based on nutrient and phytoplankton concentration scaling. Multi-criteria choice methods were applied to generate a final categorical map showing the four trophic levels in the area. This synthesis of categorical maps for assessing eutrophication at a spatial scale is proposed as a methodological procedure appropriate for coastal management studies.

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