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Van Zuidam, R.A., Farifteh, J., Eleveld, M.A., Cheng Tao: Developments in remote sensing, dynamic modelling and GIS applications for integrated coastal zone management. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 4: 191-202, 1998.


Abstract. The International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) has a research programme that should result in an integrated environmental coastal zone management system through three subprojects. The programme aims to develop methodologies and tools for assessing coastal zone changes, and for the evaluation of scenarios for coastal zone management, based on a spatio-temporal Geographical Information System (GIS) working platform which integrates remote sensing data, physical-morphodynamic and eco-hydrologic modelling, and a decision support system. The first subproject develops methodologies for the generation of optimum Remote Sensing (RS) data sets, leading to better interpretation and complementary use of conventional and new remote sensing imagery. It also integrates RS, GIS, and modelling through hypothesis generation, parameter estimation, evaluation and validation. The second subproject facilitates qualitative and quantitative analysis and prediction of the physical aspects of coastal landscape development under the influence of natural processes and human impacts. This subproject is based on the application of remote sensing and dynamic modelling. The third subproject leads to a spatio-temporal working platform which supports data integration of RS and in-situ measurements, and qualitative and quantitative analysis for the prediction of coastal landscape development. Both support decision making in Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

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