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Abul-Azm, A.G., Rakha, K.A.: Environmental concerns for marina planning in the Gulf of Suez. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 6: 51-56, 2000.


Abstract. This paper presents a case study where numerical modelling was utilized for the first time to estimate shoreline changes during the planning of a private pleasure marina in the Gulf of Suez. The study was made to compliment an environmental impact assessment study (EIA) requested by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA). The paper presents data collected during two surveys and the results of the numerical model. The impact of the marina on the sediment budget was investigated using the GENESIS one-line program. One of the main reasons for the study was to confirm that the choice of the marina location ensured minimum erosion of the shoreline. In the model, the sediment transport calibration constants were determined using the results of two surveys. The choice of the formula is discussed in the paper. Two locations for the marina were tested against minimum erosion at the down drift side of the marina. This study was performed in close co-ordination with the EEAA and several solutions were suggested to minimize the expected accretion before the final location was approved.

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