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Burgess, K., Jay, H., Hosking, A.: Futurecoast: Predicting the future coastal evolution of England and Wales. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 10: 65-71, 2004.


Abstract. Analysis of shoreline change is often based exclusively upon the littoral cell concept and modelling of hydrodynamic processes. The Futurecoast study has considered fresh approaches to assessing shoreline evolution, which have been used to provide an analysis of future long-term evolution for the entire shoreline of England and Wales. This has been based upon an improved understanding of coastal systems and their behavioural characteristics. The study has included a range of supporting studies, focussing upon maximizing use of existing information and experience. A number of additional data sets have also been produced. The integration of leading expertise from different areas of coastal research to collectively consider this information has been the foundation for the study. The key outputs from this research are: (1) Improved understanding of coastal behaviour; (2) Assessment of future shoreline evolution; (3) Supporting information and data; (4) Delivery of results on an interactive CD-ROM.

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