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Schernewski, G., Neumann, T., Wielgat, M.. Zustand und modellgestützte Prognosen zur Wasserqualität in der Ostsee. In: Daschkeit, A., H. Sterr (Hrsg.). Aktuelle Ergebnisse der Küstenforschung. 20. AMK-Tagung Kiel, 30.5.-1.6.2002. Berichte Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum Westküste der Universität Kiel (28), pp. 189-195. Büsum, 2003.

We give an overview of the definition, status and problems of water quality in the Baltic Sea. Apart from single locations, the hygienic bathing water quality nowadays can be regarded as very good along the entire Baltic Sea coast. Human-pathogenic viruses are an underestimated problem in the Oder Lagoon, but in general eutrophication remains the major issue. Blue-green algae blooms occur frequently and seem to increase in the Baltic Sea. Therefore, measures were taken in the river basins to combat eutrophication. We review several own model based predictions and evaluate the success of eutrophication combat measures. In the Baltic Sea as well as in coastal waters nutrient load reductions have only a limited effect on phytoplankton growth. Depending on the aquatic system, the effects are very different, other processes play a role and even negative effects, like increased blue-green algae blooms in the Baltic Sea, can occur. Altogether eutrophication combat measures seem to be less effective than expected.
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