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Schernewski, G.. Von der Agenda 21 im Ostseeraum zum regionalen integrierten Küstenzonenmanagement (IKZM). In: Jahrbuch der Hafenbautechnischen Gesellschaft (54), pp. 132-136. Schiffahrts-Verlag Hansa, Hamburg, 2004.


Activities on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in Europe are closely linked to the Agenda 21 process, resulting from the Rio de Janeiro declaration on a sustainable development, which was signed in 1992. Follow up regional Agenda 21, like the Baltic 21 for the Baltic region, always mention ICZM in their action programme.
All kind of activities and problems are concentrated in the coastal zone and forced the European Commission to evaluate the state of ICZM in Europe and to develop a European strategy. Especially the EU-recommendations on ICZM, released in 2002 increased the pressure on the member states to foster their ICZM activities.
One ICZM initiative covering the region between the German Baltic sea side resorts Warnemünde and Kühlungsborn is presented in detail. The initiative tried to utilise the local and regional Agenda 21 activities for ICZM with the aim to improve public participation and acceptance. The results and experiences are discussed. It turned out that sufficient knowledge and data is available for a sustainable management of the region. Awareness about the data, the knowledge where to get data as well as information exchange were insufficient and hampered progress. This lead e.g. to the foundation of a public association, which released a regular newsletter and promoted ICZM in the region. Further an internet-based regional information system was established.

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