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Maes, J., SPICOSA's WP8 Leader. Plankton dynamics in a bottle. (Extend training material for SPICOSA). 2008 - SPICOSA Project (Extend Training material).

Zusammenfassung: This manual introduces a simple example from the field of experimental ecology to show how an Extend model is developed an how it can be packed as an Extend model block that resides in a model block library. This is indeed an ultimate goal of the SPICOSA project. Here, a step by step guide is presented which subsequently shows how:
· to construct a model based on a conceptual description;
· to calibrate this model using an experimental dataset based on laboratory observations;
· to encapsulate the model in a more hierarchical structure;
· to encode the model using ModL, the programming language of Extend;
· to create a library in which the blocks reside;
· to add documentation to the model block so that potential users can use the block.
PDF: CoExistenceModelManual.pdf (566.086 Bytes)
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