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Scarton, F., Rismondo, A., Day, J.: Above- and belowground production of Arthrocnemum fruticosum on a Venice lagoon saltmarsh. Bollettino Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Venezia, 48: 237-245, 1998.

Zusammenfassung: In 1995 aboveground biomass (a.g.b.) and belowground biomass (b.g.b.) growth and production were studied for A.fruticosum in a intertidal saltmarsh in Venice Lagoon. The maximum values of live biomass occurred in September (1007 g d.w./m2  for a.g.b and 3734 g for b.g.b.) whereas production was 683 g for a.g.b and 1260 for b.g.b. Surface litter was almost absent. Turnover rate (P/Mean live biomass) was 1.01 for a.g.b. and 0.45 for b.g.b; a.g./b.g.  production was 0.54. Observed values of biomass and production are comparable with those in other Mediterranean saltmarshes, but higher belowground biomass and production were observed in Venice lagoon. Those findings are possibly linked with the harsh environmental conditions, in a site submerged almost every day.  Increasing sea level threatens the productivity and ecological role of these wetlands.
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