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Scarton, F.: Produttività primaria epigea di sette alofite in laguna di Venezia. (Primary production of seven halophytes in the lagoon of Venice)

Zusammenfassung: Between March and October 2003 above ground biomass production was studied at several intertidal sites in the lagoon of Venice (Italy). Three sites for each species were selected. The species considered were Halimione portulacoides, Salicornia veneta, Sarcocornia fruticosa, Limonium narbonense, Juncus maritimus, Puccinellia palustris, Spartina maritima. The results allow to classify the species in three groups: species with above ground  live peak biomass and production ranging between 300 and 500 g d.w./m2 (L. narbonense, S. maritima e P. palustris); species with both values ranging between 500 and 900 g (S. veneta and J. maritimus); 3) species with values well above, i.e. S. fruticosa e H. portulacoides. For some species, values very different (up to 250%) were observed among the three sampling sites. Overall, the observed ranges of peak biomass and production values fall well into those reported elsewhere for European costs; only for S. maritima  values were close or below the reference data.
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