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Gjøsæter, J., Mikkelsen, E., Moksness, E., Sandersen, H.T., Vølstad, J.H. . Scientific Report for Formulation Step. SSA 7.6, Søndeledfjorden, Norway. IMR, Arendal, 2008 - Report SPICOSA.


In study site SSA 7.6 we evaluate how increased local economic benefits from tourism can be achieved while sustaining a healthy local coastal cod stock, and at the same time minimizing conflicts with local users of the fjord system.  The goal is to develop a user-friendly modeling tool that can help policy-makers and regulators by revealing connections between policy and the environmental and the socio-economic components, and how policy changes are likely to affect these components. Tourist fishers represent an interface between the status of the cod population (a proxy for the ecosystem) and socio-economic factors. Policy instruments that influence the dynamics of the cod population in the model includes TAC (total allowable catch on each year-class per year), amount of bottom habitat occupied by marinas, and the number of predators (birds and mammals) which can be controlled by hunting.

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