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Moksness, E., Gjøsæter, J., Mikkelsen, E., Olsen, E.M., Sandersen, H.T., Vølstad, J.H.. System Formulation. Part 1: ExtendSim Model description ver. 1.21 . . Institute of Marine Research, Arendal, Norway, 2009 - Manual.


In this model the status of the local cod (Gadus morhua) population the study area is the indicator of the status of the ecosystem.  The cod population in the model is affected by top predators (birds and seals), change in available habitat (2nd homes), fishing (eel-fishers, commercial fishers, recreational fishers and tourist fishers), aquaculture and stock enhancement.  The effect from each of the above mentioned drivers can be regulated and the economical output is calculated.


The model can easily be adapted to other fjord systems.  To change parameters, please see: “System Formulation; Part 2: Running the model”.
PDF: MODEL SSA 7-6-desciption.v 1.21.pdf (3.771.809 Bytes)
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