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Moksness, E., Gjøsæter, J., Wigdahl Kaspersen, I. , Mikkelsen, E., Sandersen, H.T., Vølstad, J.H.. System Formulation. Part 2: Running the model. ver. 1.20. Institute of Marine Research, Arendal, Norway, 2009 - Manual.


The ecosystem model is a demographic model that projects the abundance of the coastal cod (Gadus morhua) population in SSA 7.6 (Søndeledfjorden, Norway) in numbers by age (0 - 10 years age groups) forward in time.


  • The model is running with yearly time-steps over a period of 1-50 years.
  • Recruitment of 0-group cod are randomly picked by the model from a distribution of historical data.
  • The total population size and the strength of the different year-classes of cod is a function of natural predators (as birds and mammals) and fishing mortality (caused by tourists and commercial) and other human activities (Eco-tourists etc). 
  • The cod spawning stock (SS) consists of age-groups 4-10. 
  • The default fishable stock consists of age-groups 2-10, however, will vary between user groups
  • Several policy instruments influence the dynamics of the cod population: TAC (total allowable catch on each year-class per year), amount of bottom habitat occupied by marinas, and the number of predators (birds and mammals) which can be controlled by hunting.


PDF: MODEL SSA 7-6-Running-Model.v 1.20.pdf (3.146.394 Bytes)
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