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Stybel, N., Krämer, I., Schernewski, G., Barkmann, T., Grube, S.. Projekt IKZM-Oder: Kooperationen und Ergebnisverbreitung. In: Kannen, A., Schernewski, G., Krämer, I., Lange, M., JanÃen, H., Stybel, N. (eds.). Forschung für ein Integriertes Küstenzonenmanagement: Fallbeispiele Odermündungsregion und Offshore-Windkraft in der Nordsee . Coastline Reports (15), pp. 113-124. EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2010.


Project IKZM-Oder: co-operation and dissemination

The project ‘Research for an Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Oder Estuary Region’ (IKZM-Oder) has been funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since 2004. It is one of the two large national German projects on ICZM and supports coastal zone management in the German-Polish cross-border estuary region based on the Regional Agenda 21 ‘Oder Lagoon’. This article gives an overview how the project results have been disseminated and used on the regional level as well as on the national and international level. Tools such as a webbased coastal information system, a GIS, data bases and learning modules ensure a subsequent use of project results.

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