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Schumacher, S., Wever, L., Stybel, N. & Haller, I.: Klimawandel an der deutschen Ostseeküste - ein Thema für den regionalen Tourismussektor?, IKZM-Oder Berichte (68). EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2010.


With more than 40 million overnight stays in 2009, tourism is one of the main economic factors along the German Baltic Coast. In the future, climate change induced effects such as erosion or changes in water quality might have negative impacts on the appearance of the coastline and thereby affect its attractiveness for tourists. But then, dryer and warmer summers might also extend the bathing season and attract even more tourists during peak season. However, the relevance of climate change induced effects as well as appropriate regional adaptation strategies seem so far to be rarely addressed in the region’s tourism sector.

This study evaluates the sector’s communication channels and their penetration with the topic of climate change at present. It analyses in which way the issue was communicated by the regional media as well as to which extent it is positioned in current tourism frameworks. In addition to an extensive web and literature search, several expert interviews with regional tourism players were conducted to gain insight into the communication structure of the tourism sector at the German Baltic coast. The study indicates current information deficits and gives recommendations what actions could be taken to overcome them

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