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Baltic Sea Science Congress

Datum: 19. - 23. August 2019
Webseite: https://www.su.se/ostersjocentrum/english/baltic-sea-science-congress-2019
Ort: Stockholm, SWEDEN

The 12th Baltic Sea Science Congress 2019 will provide new insights from the interlinked processes in the catchment and the coastal zone as growing research foci. The congress will present advances in our understanding of biogeochemical cycles in the open Baltic Sea as well as new approaches addressing genomics, population structure and function, evolutionary changes and how climate change and human impact changes the system.

In the Royal National Park, neighbouring the archipelago, Stockholm University will gather the marine research community for discussions on the last 10 years of Baltic Sea research and how it has adopted new interdisciplinary approaches and scientific disciplines. Policy aspects of the latest research will also be discussed.

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