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EuroMarine Foresight workshop

Datum: 12. - 13. Dezember 2019
Webseite: http://euromarinenetwork.eu/activities/seaweed-aquaculture-promising-tool-res...
Ort: Kiel, GERMANY
Beschreibung: Seaweed Aquaculture:
A promising tool for the restoration and sustainable development of coastal environments or an expensive end-of-pipe technology?


To bring marine biogeochemists, macro-algae experts, modelers, engineers, architects and seaweed farmers together with plankton and fish ecologists and regional experts to discuss pathways towards the realisation of sustainable pilot-scale trials in three sample regions, each with unique impacts and constraints:

  • The Bight of Dakar (a heavily polluted environment with direct waste water discharge)
  • Madeira (run–off in the oligotrophic ocean)
  • The Southwest Baltic Sea (subject to eutrophication from surface runoff)


Kontakt: Dr Birgit Quack
E-Mail: bquack@geomar.de
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