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CoMPAS - The Coastal Management Simulation Game

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Datum: 09. November 2006
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Webseite: http://www.coastlearn.org/compas/index.htm

CoMPAS is a simulation game on Integrated Coastal Zone Managment developed under the EU funding programmes Leonardo da Vinci and Tacis Institution Building and Partnership. The acronym CoMPAS stands for COastal Management Practices to Achieve Susainability.

The game is freely downloadable and can be played by one person, but preferably a small group of users. After download, CoMPAS can be played on a standalone computer. It can also be easily uninstalled.

CoMPAS aims to give the Gamer insight into essential processes related to sustainable coastal development like the inter-relation between economy, ecology and society. For a defined coastal area, the Gamer has to invest money in different sectors on a yearly basis over a period of 20 years. After that period it will become clear whether the Gamer was able to develop the coastal area in a sustainable way or not. The game is set in an imaginary coastal area in Europe with sectors typical for the maritime economy, such as paper industry, tourism, water treatment, fishery and aquaculture. One game session has a duration of about 20 minutes, but it is always possible to improve the results in another session.

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