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Master's Program in Coastal and Marine Management

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Webseite: http://www.hsvest.is/
Ort: Isafjordur, ICELAND

Coastal and Marine Management is a demanding and ambitious master's program in environmental and resource management. The program is cross-disciplinary and prepares students for diverse and exciting positions in both the public and private sectors. Among the fields which the master's program in Coastal and Marine Management prepares students to work in are resource and land use planning, environmental impact assessment, consulting work, teaching and research. The program is internationally oriented and taught in English, and both students and instructors come from a diverse range of countries. The master's program in Coastal and Marine Management brings together people of different backgrounds who share their experience, knowledge, and ideas in a small-scale, creative and fertile intellectual environment, with the goal of finding ways of using natural resources in a sustainable way. We welcome new faces to join our exciting group of natural resource management specialists.

Starting in Fall (2009)

120 ECTS, normal completion time: 18 months

Annual registration fee 45.000 ISK (about 450€) 


Registrierung: 15. April 2009
Kontakt: University Center of the West Fjords
E-Mail: info@hsvest.is
Telefon: +354 450 3040
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