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Planning of Coastal and Marine Regions

Typ des Eintrags: Akademische Lehrveranstaltung
Datum: 24. Januar - 11. Februar 2011
Rhythmus: jährlich
Webseite: http://www.hsvest.is/masters_program/course_descriptions/Planning_of_coastal_...
Ort: Ísafjörður, Westfjords, ICELAND
Planning of Coastal and Marine Regions
The course will discuss the need for incorporating coastal and marine issues in land use strategies. Different land-use planning strategies and models at different geographical scales will be explored and discussed. The class will participate in a simulated planning process set up by the instructor where complicated management issues that involve conflicts between resource users will be solved. Other planning techniques introduced in the course include: Land suitability analysis, consensus based planning and methods to design and implement land use planning processes. 

Application deadline for the whole master's program: April 15th for EU/EEA citizens and February 15th for citizens outside of the EU/EEA

Application deadline for only this course: please contact Martha Lilja Marthensdóttir Olsen (marthalilja@uwestfjords.is)

Registrierung: 03. Januar 2011
Kontakt: E-Mail: cmm@uwestfjords.is
Telefon: 00354 450 3045
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