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MedOpen Virtual Training Course on Intergrated Coastal Area Management

Typ des Eintrags: Berufliche Lehrveranstaltung
Datum: 30. September 2008
Rhythmus: ständig
Webseite: http://www.medopen.org/
Ort: Split , CROATIA
Beschreibung: The aim of this course is to improve capacities for coastal management, which will subsequently facilitate sustainable coastal development in the Mediterranean. The main objectives of the course are:to promote Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM), as a sustainable approach to coastal management; to present the basics of ICAM, benefits of using this approach, actors and responsibilities, legislation and finances needed, way to prepare and implement ICAM projects, tools, techniques and methods that may be used, as well as good practices in coastal management; to provide open and free-of-charge training opportunity for those involved or interested in coastal management; to provide the candidates with the opportunity to experience a simulated coastal management situation and participate in finding practical sustainable solutions; to improve the Mediterranean coastal management networking and to promote the Internet among coastal management practitioners in Mediterranean countries. Delivery mode: Internet, CD - ROM, e-mails This course includes basic and advanced modules: Basic module provides elementary information on coastal management in the Mediterranean, as well as a quiz. Every lecture, or content delivered, is followed by a short quiz. Participating in the quiz, each candidate wins a certain number of points, enabling him/her to compete with all other Mediterranean candidates. When going through the course, the candidate may see his/her results, as well as positioning among the other candidates who performed this quiz. The candidate may participate in the quiz by using his/her real name, or by using a selected pseudonym. This course is continuously available to the users.Advanced module requires a higher degree of commitment by the trainee. The advanced trainees will enter the basic module using their login and password. Once the basic module is entered, a variety of additional materials will be available to download. Advanced trainees will be invited to participate in a simulation game, to participate in discussions related to the topics, and to propose and prepare their final essay. Within the framework of the simulation game, the initial imaginary scenario will be introduced to candidates together with natural conditions of the area presented through different data. The candidates will be given specific roles, possible pathways for the development will be offered, and candidates will be invited to develop the situation and propose solutions. Simulation game and discussions will be moderated, and outputs evaluated by experts in coastal management in the Mediterranean.
Kontakt: E-Mail: pap@gradst.hr
Telefon: (385) 21 340 470
Fax: (385) 21 340 490
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