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MSc Applied Science (Coastal Management and Informatics with GIS), University College Cork

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Webseite: http://cmrc.ucc.ie/pages/MSc_Coastal_Further_Details.pdf
Ort: University College Cork, IRELAND

This MSc programme aims at providing conceptual, technical and applied skills training in the field of coastal management and planning, in the support techniques of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)/Spatial Data Infrastructures and in other areas of information technologies (e.g., remote sensing techniques) relevant to coastal environments. It is intended that the programme will equip participants with advanced skills in data gathering, processing and analysis and in the development of research abilities; the provision of a deeper understanding of the contextual subject fields of shoreline protection and of Earth environmental management; to facilitate entry into occupations in these subject fields.

Kontakt: Prof. R.J. N. Devoy
E-Mail: r.devoy@ucc.ie
Telefon: +021 4904360
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