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Three-Week Courses Coastal and Marine Management

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Webseite: http://www.hsvest.is/three_week_courses/
Ort: Isafjordur, ICELAND
Beschreibung: The University Centre of the Westfjords offers exciting three-week courses in the field of environmental and resource management, in connection with its cross-disciplinary master's program in Coastal and Marine Management.


The master's courses will be open for external participants, who must, however, fulfill the program's admission requirements and be approved by the master's program committee (for more information, see the program prerequisites). The courses are particularly useful for those working professionally in research, planning, resource management, environmental assessment, and related areas.


Great effort has gone into involving instructors who are both well-regarded scientists and good teachers. The instructional methods are diverse and emphasize lectures blended with short projects and research. Student work will mostly take the form of reports, papers, and lectures. The program also stresses that student projects and investigations should relate to real-life circumstances, institutions, and activities in each relevant field.


All courses are taught intensively over three-week periods. Further information on course dates can be found in the program calendar. All instruction takes place in English.

Kontakt: E-Mail: info@hsvest.is
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