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Fickert M., Strotmann T.. An empirical approach to detect an accelerated sea-level rise. In: Karius V., Hadler H., Deicke M., von Eynatten H., Brückner H. & Vött A.. Dynamische Küsten - Grundlagen, Zusammenhänge und Auswirkungen im Spiegel angewandter Küstenforschung. Coastline Reports (17), pp. 1-4. EUCC-D - Die Küsten Union Deutschland e.V., Rostock, 2011.

Zusammenfassung: Impacts of the climate change and with it the sea level rise are in the discussion of the scientific community for years. Numerical models are not yet able to regionalize the prediction of the expected sea-level rise on -for example- the German Bight. The Hamburg Port Authority is working on the topic of sea-level rise and the effects on the Elbe estuary with empirical methods. A new approach for the detection of an accelerated sea-level rise is presented in this paper. A regression with the annual mean water levels over values of the wind direction and velocities was performed and the results offer a possibility to judge the changes of the mean water levels for the analysed gauge Cuxhaven. This method can also be applied to other gauges along the coastline with nearby wind measuring stations.
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