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Strehlow, H.V., Fey, D., Lejk, A., Lempe, F., Nilsson, H., Psuty, I & Szymanek, L: HERRING - Governance Report, Herring network institutions and governance , Coastline Web (5). EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland (EUCC-D), 2014.

The Governance Report presents the research about the governance framework in which the various aspects and sectors that are relevant for spawning ground management are embedded.
This report was developed in the project HERRING - Joint cross - border actions for the sustainable management of natural resource (2012-2014).
The international project HERRING seeks to improve the sustainable and holistic management of herring fish in the South Baltic region, a major ecosystem resource, and with it both the reproductive capacity of the species and the success of future sustainable herring fisheries
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