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Luczkiewicz A., Fudala-Ksiazek S., Jankowska K., Szopinska M.: Inventory of existing treatment technologies in wastewater treatment plants. MORPHEUS Project, 2018.

Zusammenfassung: The occurrence of pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants in our water bodies is today well
known as is the fact that most of these enter the environment via our wastewater treatment
plants (WWTPs). This is mainly due to inability of existing technologies to remove them from the
wastewater stream. The South Baltic Sea (SBS) is under pressure from a number of stressors
including micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals, which is the background to the MORPHEUS
project (Model Areas for Removal of Pharmaceutical Substances in the South Baltic). Proper
wastewater management in WWTPs surrounding the SBS plays a crucial role in achieving a
good water status and in the potential restoration of poor water resources. This report
(Deliverable 5.1) aims at summarizing the status of existing technologies currently used in the
wastewater sectors in a few selected WWTPs located in the coastal regions of Pomerania
(Poland, PL), Skåne (Sweden, SE), Klaipeda (Lithuania, LT) and Mecklenburg (Germany, DE).
In total 14 model WWTPs in Poland (4), Sweden (3), Lithuania (4) and Germany (3) were
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